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The DEMAN (Duke Entertainment, Media & Arts Network) community supports connections between alumni and students working in and/or interested in creative industries through mentoring, internships, and job opportunities at Duke and beyond. “DEMAN & Donuts” is a coffee chat series on-campus with students and alumni held throughout the year. DEMAN Arts & Media Weekend is the annual signature event at Duke that brings together students and alumni interested in creative industries and features workshops, receptions, master classes, and more, including speakers on arts entrepreneurship.

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JJ Ramberg T‘92

Co-Founder of Goodshop and Host of MSNBC’s “Your Business” Deman Arts & Media Weekend 2016, Keynote Speaker

“Entrepreneurship in a traditional sense is someone starts a company and grows this company—but entrepreneurship is also an attitude. If you are an artist, and you’re out there selling your own products, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re in essence starting your own company. If you go work for a big media company but you are working on one particular thing, you can have an entrepreneurial attitude around it.”

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