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Course Requirements

The I&E Certificate requires four courses: a gateway course, a keystone course, an elective, and a capstone course. Students can choose from 10 gateway courses and more than 40 elective courses.

In the 2016-17 academic year, 40 innovation and entrepreneurship-related courses were offered to undergraduates. Duke I&E also initiated offerings for graduate students, offering three graduate courses this past academic year.

Generous gifts from Jeff (T’98, B’04) and Theresa (T’01, L’06) Eaton and Laura and Gary Lauder (P’19) support the Flexible Faculty Support Fund which enables Duke I&E to establish and run some of the many entrepreneurship courses offered.


All I&E Certificate students must take the keystone course (I&E 352 Strategies for Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and the capstone course (I&E 499 Innovation & Entrepreneurship). They then choose their two additional courses from more than 50 offerings. Courses that have been offered in the past include:

I&E 217SA The Economics of Art—The Chicago Scene (Duke in Chicago)

I&E 271A Building & Sustaining a Successful Enterprise (Duke in Silicon Valley)

I&E 252 Learning to Fail

EGR 121L Engineering Innovation

I&E 295S Arts Entrepreneurship

I&E 242S Multimedia Documentary

AMI 320S Film Animation Production

ETHICS 250S Governance and Healthcare Innovation

I&E 373 Intellectual Property: Law, Policy, and Practice

PHY 566 Computational Physics

PJMS 378 The Future of News

PUBPOL 265 Enterprising Leadership

I&E 253 Social Marketing for Entrepreneurs

I&E 261 Social Innovation

I&E 281 Basics of Technology Commercialization

For a full list of courses offered, click here.